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hall of fame nominations

Our Hall of Fame started in 1993 for seven years and took a break after the year 2000. In 2018, Athletics brought back this honorable event and tradition. Athletics at SJND is an integral part of our community. It has formed strong familial bonds and unforgettable memories. 


Now, Saint Joseph Notre Dame Athletics hosts its Hall of Fame every two years. We do our best to recognize and appreciate the athletes that have established and created a long-standing culture for the following generations. 


The SJND Hall of Fame accepts individual athlete, coach, team and supporter nominations. Everyone plays their role in the support, success, and positive experience our athletes have at SJND.

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Nominations are currently closed. Our current Hall of Fame induction class for 2022 has already been selected. Submitted nominations will be considered for our next induction in 2024. 

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